On-Trend Gery Bathrooms to Inspire You

On-Trend Gery Bathrooms to Inspire You

What comes to mind when you think of the colour Grey - muted, calm, simple perhaps; however, Grey can instil serenity with a soothing presence, ideal for the bathroom, the space within the home, fit for relaxation and de-stress.

Though Grey can be quite one-dimensional, how does one elevate it from simple to sensational without an underwhelming result?

We've put together a few of our favourite Grey bathrooms to inspire you, far from dull, and show you how you can create the perfect personal pampering space with Grey as your design base.



Terrazzo is timeless and very much on-trend.

 Terrazzo ~ The incorporation of Terrazzo is a game changer.

Without question, now's the time for Terrazzo, with the trend making a comeback from its 1920's debut.

Eclectic and eccentric, every square inch is unique, with endless combinations possible.

When combining this robust style in your home, consider the grain, texture and touch and how you can apply it as a statement feature or an additional textural layer.



Tactile inclusions like Terrazzo will give your bathroom a touch of character and flair. Utilising a wide variety of materials with individual textures will ensure your space has depth and dimension.

Pair with Meir Tiger Bronze or Matte Black taps to complement Terrazzo truly.





Contemporary in style, the two-tone tile layout has emerged over the past couple of years and is set to stay.

Incorporating two tiles of different sizes, colours, and shapes will create a dynamic combination and generate visual interest. Kit Kat or Finger Tiles, as they are also known, mixed with large-scale speckled Terrazzo adds a wow factor.



By sticking with a Grey colour scheme, opting for two different tiles works without overpowering whilst remaining versatile among varying colour finishes  ideal for modern and traditional homes.

Pair with PVD Brushed Nickel and Champagne Taps to elevate varying shades of Grey, or opt for one colour finish for a more cohesive look.

Ultra-premium and timeless in design, the Meir Bathroom Collection is available in six premium finishes to suit your style. Discover them all today and create the sanctuary of your dreams.





Wall-to-floor tiles add a sense of luxury, producing day-spa vibes within this bathroom, whilst timber accents add warmth and tactile layering.



Laying large format tiles from floor to ceiling elongates a space and adds cohesion.

300 x 600 or 600 x 600 tiles work well with all standard ceiling heights. Alternatively, laying smaller tiles creates a strong visual impact and infuses personality.

To achieve a cohesive look, pair materials within the same colour family, for example, slate wall tiles, shale terrazzo flooring, anthracite concrete bath and gunmetal taps. 

Meir shadow combines a striking blend of charcoal grey and rustic blue, creating a sophisticated look, and is available in a range of premium taps, steel basins, and bathroom accessories to provide the ultimate in cohesiveness, the perfect accompaniment to an achromatic palette.





Create monochrome magic with classic black and white.

Modern yet timeless, the simplicity of a muted colour palette of soft grey allows for fixtures and fittings to stand out.

Meir Matte Black adds a sleek and striking look when paired with light grey and white accent pieces.



If dark and moody is your bathroom style, skip the fancy embellishments in favour of high contrast.

Master the monochrome look and create an aesthetic difference between white and black, adding grey for balance and softness.





A popular choice for bathrooms, Grey is a neutral, universal, everyday colour that offers timelessness and versatility; however, if an all Grey bathroom is at the top of your wish list, you might like to add a splash of colour to uplift and brighten things up.

Colour elicits a unique response and a way to influence emotion, a clever way to elevate your mood and any space within your home.

 Featured | Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Curved Spout (SKU: MS05-PVDBN + Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Wall Mixer (SKU: MW08-PVDBN + Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Shower Rose (SKU: MH04-PVDBN) + Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Ceiling Shower Arm (SKU: MA07-300-PVDBN) + Meir PVD Brushed Nickel Round Toilet Brush & Holder (SKU: MTO01-R-PVDBN)


Colour can be easily incorporated through selected decor like towels and bathroom accessories, like towel rails.

To add a unique personal touch, incorporate your favourite colour as an extension of your personality. Pastels will produce a soft statement, whilst bright colours will add intensity.

Pair with PVD Brushed Nickel taps and accessories, allowing other elements to take centre stage. Due to its chameleon-like finish, Meir Brushed Nickel is adaptable to its surroundings, presenting differently in warm or cool light settings, so when it comes time to refresh your towels, you need not modify your taps.





Creating the perfect space goes a long way to maximising your Grey bathroom's full potential and enjoying the functional and emotional benefits thereof.

Feeling inspired? Why not start piecing together a collection of swatches, paint chips, tile and colour samples to begin curating your dream Grey bathroom, or create a mood board using  Style Sourcebook, and be sure to share it with us by tagging us @meiraustralia

For an added source of inspiration, take a look through our gallery from our industry professionals and Meir renovating customers, and be on your way to transforming your vision into reality.