Concealed in wall assembly for bath and basin taps

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Description: concealed in-wall breech
Material: DZR brass
Function: The breech is used as a concealed connector between two single taps and the outlet spout. This is required whenever wall taps are used to provide mixed water to an outlet spout from the wall.
Used with: jumper valve taps, ¼ turn taps.

Summary & Specifications

Please note, this product may have a visible Meir Watermark or logo.


Technical Drawings



Warranty & Care

- 10 year domestic repair or replacement
- 15 year cartridge replacement

Care instructions:

- Do not use any chemical-based or harsh cleaners. Avoid any rough surface materials such as scourers
- Only use a soft cloth with warm soapy water
- Filters and aerators must be regularly cleaned
- In hard-water usage areas, high-quality water softeners and filters must be used