Matte Black is the new Chrome

Matte Black is the new Chrome

There’s a lot of different perspectives on how long black tapware will be in “trend” for, however nothing has seen this much dominance in tapware since chrome was originally used in a plated finish.

It’s hard to say exactly when fashion trends change, but I recall people (not customers) saying that they believe black tapware wouldn’t make it into 2013, then they said it would end in 2014 and again that it would phase out by 2015, yet here we are in 2016 and sales are stronger than ever and the applications for black tapware are almost endless.



black bathroom mixer tap
Bathroom stores are clearing way to put our products on display all over the country (and even NZ is anxiously trying to catch up), high-rise apartments are being specified with matte black tapware and even offices in the BHP building in Melbourne have black tapware in their kitchennetes.

As we’re in the industry, we are the ones working with customers, stores, architects, interior designers and builders each and every day; we hear what they are interested in and what future trends are. Black tapware is getting stronger by the minute.

The recent influx of interior designers, and readily-available media and images (such as on Houzz and Pinterest) has helped with a huge culture shift in bathroom and kitchen designs over the last few years where tapware is now seen as a focal point that blends well with a range of finishes such as white ceramic, stone, timber and even melamine.

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