Style On Tap: Investing In Quality Can Put You In The Black

Style On Tap: Investing In Quality Can Put You In The Black

Unless you’ve been in hibernation for the last decade, you’ve probably heard of The Block, on Channel 9. Every year, teams of two compete to renovate and transform a flat or unit within a run-down block somewhere in Melbourne. The team with the property that earns the most at the live auction at the end is declared the winner.

This reality (and realty) show has been extremely popular. One of The Block effects has been an increase in consumer knowledge and understanding of the renovating process.

In the show, contestants must do as much as they can within their budget. This applies to anyone considering a renovation: identifying areas where you can spend more on certain items than others. The old saying ‘quality over quantity’ is especially relevant when it comes to home renovations, particularly with regard to the fittings you choose.

There are many shortcuts to an instantly stylish and refreshed home. Cheap cushions add a pop of colour, a floor rug warms up a room instantly and framed prints add some eye candy to stark white walls. However, in terms of fittings such as taps and showers, a durable, high quality product will stand the test of time while adding a touch of elegance which is sure to catch the eye of discerning buyers.

Matte black tapware, showers and accessories can add a contemporary edge to a space and truly make a bold statement. Black is also very versatile and can be used with most colour schemes making it an increasingly popular choice for interiors designers, architects and high end builders.

Meir products are available for purchase in The Block Shop, offering an inspiring choice for those looking to renovate or build their next home.